Séminaire-atelier : Sounds, memories and powers in the Balkans. Sensory approaches and research-creation

Sounds, memories and powers in the Balkans. Sensory approaches and research-creation.

Seminar-workshop, 10-11 July 2023, Ecole française d’Athènes.

 How do the Balkans sound?

How soundscapes relate to memories?

How sounds exert power?

 Memories and powers are not only a matter of social representations and cultural discourses. They entail and produce sensorialities, perceptions, environments, ambiances. They are embodied and experienced. Beyond their ephemeral appearance, sounds constitute a major feature here. They imply forms of perception, acts of judgement, ecological milieus, political stakes. Moreover, sounds are both a mode of knowledge and creation. Taking the Balkans as a lab, this seminar-workshop explores the potentialities of sound issues for renewing the approaches of memory and power, by gathering scholars and artists, combining research and creation, imagining future networks and projects. This event is supported by l’Ecole française d’Athènes, l’Université Lumière-Lyon2 and l’UMR EVS.

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